If you are looking for a traditional marketing agency that focuses on existing media then we're not the right folks for you.
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infectmedia is an agency that combines Social Media
with Digital, PR and Marketing.
We live in a digital world of mouth and track the latest
trends and technologies.

What lies at the heart of this company is a fundamental belief that Social Media & PR 2.0, while maturing nicely for individual use, is in it's infancy for corporate usage and brand building.

We work with brands, people and agencies that recognize the change we foresee and want help navigating and fitting this major shift in their Marketing, PR and Digital Strategy.

We plot strategies. We develop means to communicate. We stir conversation. In a rapidly evolving space, we filter out noise and ensure you develop a community.

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“Brands are now defined as the sum of all conversations”
Well, we’re defined by our clients, partners, friends and people that inspire Us:
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Our approach centers on understanding exactly where
social media fits into your digital strategy and how to get
the best ROI.

strategy and identity: A cohesive cross-platform strategy & identity, allowing for all possible interaction, ensures your message spreads beyond a single network and projects your brand identity, values and message across all channels

Community Management

Authentic and consistent engagement is the key to a successful presence in any community. We develop communities by sharing the right content in the right context with the right people.

Brand Monitoring

Following the 5 W’s of Business Intelligence, we use a range of tools to monitor and report on your reputation, news mentions, PR campaigns, employees or competition. So many great tools, so much to monitor, so little time! Let us help!

Management Consultancy

We help companies create value and institute change through our unique spectrum of management consulting services: Talking, informing and training people within your organisation is crucial if you want to participate effectively in the 'social game'.

Social Advertising

We offer several social advertising solutions to suit your exact campaign requirements and budget, whether it’s using Social Ads, Home Page Ads, Display Advertising, Location- based advertising, Social advertising is the perfect way to hone in on both broad and niche markets. Your business can reach your exact audience based on specific demographic data.

Age, gender, location and personal interests, to name but a few, can all refine targeting. Basically, you choose your ideal target audience and then we will develop a perfect social advertising campaign to suit!

And we do online Public Relations!
Because as the saying goes "it's a world of mouth"
Sharing, Content, Community, Conversation and
Demographics are today’s keywords, shoving a
print-ad or traditional press-release down consumers
throats isn’t the way to create brand evangelists anymore.
Influencer identification

One of the biggest questions for brands interested in Social Media is understanding who is influencing discussions and perceptions of their brand online.  With the viral nature of the social web , it only takes one person with a gripe or issue with your brand, and have good online connections, they could cause a lot of damage. On the flip side, looking after your customers is likely to result in brand advocates promoting your message for you.

Either way understanding who these people are can be of vital business intelligence in the modern online world. We tell you who your influencers are and how to approach them.

Social Press Release ‘SMR’ Creation and Distribution

It’s no longer just the traditional journalists that cover the news as Bloggers and Twitter-users are often the first to spread a message across the web. We provide services using SMR's Social Media Press releases and Social Mailings in order to reach the people who matter to you.

Online Media Relations

Our media relation programs start by understanding your unique objectives – to secure funding, build a brand, generate sales leads, go public or become strategically acquired, etc.

Only then can we define your strategy and goals, craft a compelling message, pro-actively target the most influential media (including the blogosphere, YouTube, Facebook, etc.), secure face-to-face or online meetings, and get you talking with the people that matter the most to you.

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